why choose colombia?


1 - Per square metre, Colombia is the most biodiverse country on the planet.


2 - Among the highest rates of deforestation in the world
* over 120.000 hectares per year
* one hectare every 3 minutes!!

Deforestation has a very severe impact on people, places, and animals


10% of the Amazon rainforest lies in Colombia, occupying 1/3 of its land mass.


Also, Colombia’s coastline extends along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and counts with three mountain ranges with altitude variations that create numerous microclimates.


Colombia is home to the Amazonian dolphin; the world’s tallest palm trees; over 30 kinds of exotic fruits; and the largest diversity of birds.

Salvar el delfin rosado pink dolphin

3 - Home to a Richly Diverse cultural heritage of COMMUNITIES LIVING IN THESE FORESTS

4 - Many communities inside Colombia depend on the medicine and food that the country's biodiversity provides.


Tragically, human degradation of natural ecosystems, combined with political turmoil and armed conflict, have had detrimental effects on the population and their environment.


Through strategic carbon offsetting and reforestation, the mission of Reforest Peace is to heal damaged ecosystems seeking a more peaceful way of life.


Together, we can plant positive impacts.