Businesses REFORESTING Positive Change

By reforesting, companies can offset their carbon footprint and make their consumption of natural resources more sustainable.


With our help, businesses can become carbon neutral to completely mitigate their carbon footprint —or even achieve carbon positive status to help effectively reduce the planet’s harmful climate— changing greenhouse gases.


Investing in projects with clear, measurable and traceable indicators of ESG impacts, is a demand from global stakeholders.


Restoring Ecosystems and Promoting Peace

Business involvement will be received with the highest ethical standards in coordination with allied organisations that include former Ministers of Environment and Peace Process negotiators.


This allies have over 15 years experience restoring Colombia’s forests, operating in all ecosystems, and always hand-in-hand with the local communities.


Now, peace is added to our summum goal of impacts.

Healing the Planet is Good Business

Today’s governments and consumers —as well as businesses, clients, employees, providers, and stakeholders— all demand more ecologically sustainable products and services.


Planting regenerative trees with complete traceability, businesses and brands can demonstrate their commitment to communities, biodiversity, and peace.


Earning a certified Carbon Neutrality seal will provide a competitive edge to companies launching new ESG investments, expanded operations, product positioning, or increased brand exposure.


Businesses Reforesting Peace:


We estimated a carbon footprint for GE corporation’s administrative operations in Colombia and suggested planting 500 native trees in a municipal reserve to protect the area from negative impacts, such as cattle grazing.


We worked with the mayor of the municipality to plant the trees around a sacred lagoon to protect it from further damage.

The CEO of GE in Colombia wanted to educate employees on the importance of reforestation and protecting water basins by participating in a tree-planting operation.


Beforehand, we provided the company with tips and guidelines for reducing consumption and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Seguros Bolivar

Seguros Bolivar, a financial group and one of the largest insurance companies of Colombia, measured its carbon footprint over a 7 year period.


They applied an international standard for forest carbon captures, and planted with Acción Verde the exact number of trees in strategically selected reforestation sites.

Several communications teams have audited our sites, and a sustainability officer regularly attended the area where more than 40,000 trees were planted —helping to ensure positive ecological, economic, and social impacts for the delicate dry forest Colombian ecosystem—.


Plus, thie trees help to regulate the hydro cycle of the water basin where the municipal aqueduct obtains its feed.


The carbon emissions of every Honda vehicle sold in Colombia was measured, assuming the first 30,000 kilometres of use, and offset with an exact number of native trees that were planted to capture the total emissions.

Year after year, PriceWaterhouseCoopers would visit the reforestation site to audit and assure that the number of trees was correct and that their growth was consistent with the formula used to capture carbon for each species planted.

Over 200,000 trees were planted, several national prizes were won for the project, and a “Honda Carbon Neutral” sticker was displayed on the rear of every Honda vehicle sold in Colombia.


On behalf of Epson, 2,000 mangroves and 1,500 native of species of trees were planted on Seaflower, a Colombian Caribbean island and World Biosphere Reserve.

Awarded several national prizes, this project peacefully united the Botanical Garden of the island, the association of local environmental organisations, the local political authorities, and the local Afro-Colombian leaders.

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