Reforest Peace
Perfect for individuals and as gifts, you may place tree orders in quantities of 1, 5, 10, or a custom amount.

Reforest to Capture One Ton of CO2
Ideal for businesses and governments seeking to offset their carbon footprint, each kit of three trees, in ten years of average growth, has been calculated and audited by international verification agencies to effectively capture one ton of equivalent carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Per square metre, Colombia is the most biodiverse country on the planet. Many communities inside Colombia depend on the timber, medicine, and food that the country’s biodiversity provides. Tragically, human erosion of the natural ecosystems—often combined with political turmoil and armed conflict—have had a detrimental effect on the populations that depend on their environment for survival and a peaceful way of life. We have strategically targeted 4,000,000 reforestation points throughout Colombia to heal ecosystems, boost economies, and promote peace in the local communities.

Your trees will be under the watchful eye of the community who lives, works, and depends on its ecosystem. Through our program many of these community members have found new ways to become law-abiding, economically productive members of their community. Reforest Peace forest engineers and auditing companies will also make regular visits to the replanting sites.

Absolutely! A Reforest Peace order makes the perfect gift for those who care deeply about the environment, those who would like to offset their carbon footprint, those who want to contribute to the peace process in South America, and those who would simply love to receive a unique gift. Check the “This order is a gift!” during the checkout screen to easily process your order as a gift for the recipient of your choosing.

Yes. You will never incur recurring payments for your Reforest Peace order. The trees, planting, planting site maintenance, access to a Reforest Peace account and tree growth tracking are all included with the one time payment when your order is placed. No further financial commitment is required.

What comes with a Plant for Peace account?
Every Plant for Peace account will provide the user with real-time updates about their tree orders, including the planting location, planting date, current tree age, and photos of the reforestation area, taken by the local community.

Colombia encompasses a wide latitudinal span, rich in biodiversity. Each tree order will be of a native species, specific to the strategically selected planting locations. This helps best ensure the long term survival of the plants and a return to the natural sustainability of the ecosystem.

For a full year, as your plant is brought towards maturity, maintenance visits will be performed to check the health of the plant, to clean the plate of the plant stem, and to unroot any invasive species in the reforestation area. Biological fertilisers may be used, never chemical ones.

Many of Colombia’s rural communities have struggled with political turmoil and armed conflict. In many cases these rural communities have depended on, and unfortunately degraded, some of Colombia’s most fragile ecosystems. When we heal these vulnerable ecosystems, we offer a path to forest sustainability, which boosts the local economies and provides peaceful, law-abiding work for community members.

To place a Reforest Peace order on our website, we currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal payments.

Your Reforest Peace tree order will be of native species, specific to a strategically selected planting location in Colombia. Your order will give you access to a Reforest Peace account.

Reforest Peace is an outreach program of the Acción Verde corporation, a Colombian NGO created in 2013 to provide reforestation and sustainability services in regions degraded by human activity. Learn more at our About Us page.

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