Our Impact

Colombia’s Vital Ecosystems Are in Danger

The ever increasing demand on valuable natural resources to supply the world’s goods and services has put a tremendous strain on our fragile environments.


These precious ecosystems are now at risk of near total depletion, which would be detrimental to local communitiesand given the megadiversity of species and cultures, a frightful impact in planetary terms.

Depleted Forests Destabilise Communities

We help ensure the sustainability of Colombia’s natural resources through the restoration of the ecosystems that provide them.


We focus on regions where human activity has weakened the natural structure and the peaceful coexistence of fauna, flora and humans.


Regenerating Forests Grows a Path to Peace

Our strategy is three fold, focusing on ecological, social, and economic positive impacts at the local level, strengthening Colombia’s peace process in the territories where it is most frail.

Returning the Environment to its Natural, Healthy State

We work to heal degraded forests by recreating the original conditions and functions of each environment that we restore.


We ensure that every new tree we plant is native to the receiving ecosystem.


We plant more than ten native species of trees per hectare, contributing to the ecological recovery of these tree species – at times themselves in danger of extinction.


Plus, the ecosystems where they grow, attract the local flora and fauna returning these to more peaceful and plentiful surroundings.



The planting, weeding, fertilisation, irrigation and biological pest control of the new native trees we plant, brings new work opportunities to the communities.


Aside from the formal local work provided, indirect jobs related to transportation, food, lodging, and other requirements of purchase and supplies, will yield new earnings and vitalise areas where once conflict was galore.

Total Transformation for Sustainable Positive Change

Our goal is to recover degraded forests. More than simply replacing trees, we aim to restore the goods and services of the ecosystems, as well as improve soils, water and air quality, and in turn their bio and cultural diversity.


This will generate favourable ecological, economic, and social conditions for communities willing to maintain peace in their regions.


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