Donate to make positive change towards restoring Colombia’s vital ecosystems, where peace can also take hold–and thrive.

Choose the number of trees you want to donate

What is included?

Colombia encompasses a wide latitudinal span, rich in biodiversity, both natural and cultural. Each tree order will be of a native species, specific to the strategically selected planting locations, hand planted by a member of thelocal community, where excombatants with new peace objectives are in the process of thriving.


Your trees will be cared for

Your trees will be under the watchful eye of the community who lives, works, and depends on its ecosystem. For a full year, as your plant is brought towards maturity, maintenance visits will be performed to check the health of the plant, to clean the plate of the plant stem, and to unroot any invasive species in the reforestation area. Biologiocal fertilizers may be used, never chemical ones!


Follow the impact of your trees

You will have access to a database full of photos, descriptions, and interviews about the flora, fauna, and communities that inhabit these ecosystems you are helping, along with regularly updated reports on the peace process in the area.  Everything will be reported on our website.


Your trees will help the local community

The communities where we plant your trees take full ownership of the care of each one, as they are the sole beneficiaries of the trees and their byproducts. It is in their best interest to make sure the plants are robust to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the ecosystem, plus the stability of peace in their surroundings.


Stay up to date with the growth of your trees

Your Reforest Peace account will provide you with real-time updates about your tree order, including the planting location, planting date, current tree age, and photos of the reforestation area, taken by the local community, revisited by our forest engineers and auditing companies.


These are the local beneficiaries of your impact

The communities where we plant our trees have full ownership of their lands, and will be the sole beneficiaries of the trees and their byproducts. Working with the land’s owners, at above the market standards we will pay for plantules, labour, inputs, and reporting. This will create economic opportunities for families who have fled armed conflict— bringing the stability of peace to the environment, and longevity and sustainability to the ecosystem.